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DEI has been working with sales teams since 1979, when it was founded by Stephen Schiffman.  We have delivered sales process, sales management and selling skills programs for over 10,000 organizations ranging from “fortune 500 companies” to “start ups”.Since 2005 when DEI Central opened a licensed DEI office, DEI Central has specialized in applying the DEI approach to the senior housing markets.

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DEI is not just ‘sales training’.  We give sales operations a way of thinking and a way of operating that changes daily sales and sales management behaviors.  What we propose is simple, intelligent and clear–and it works!  We hold out to our clients a dramatically different approach and outcome any the industry has experienced.  DEI consists of a group of consulting, training and technology professionals who bring to Senior Housing providers the philosophy and the methodology to implement “THE SELF-CORRECTING SALES TEAM.  Our foundation: PROSPECT MANAGEMENT

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