Single Property – Risk-Based Proposal

Senior Housing Providers,

Should your occupancy going from “Good to Great”?  Because you have:

  • Great product
  • Good operations
  • Good management
  • Good reputation
  • Viable market

And by profitability being BETTER, I mean, “Annually, are you leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars $$$  (per property) on the table for lack of census?”

DEI is looking for a few good Senior Housing Providers to qualify (with respect to the above criteria) for our Sales Operations Program to enhance Occupancy.

We have helped many mid-large (multi-site) Senior Housing Providers develop long term occupancy programs. It’s not a once-and-done, get-a bounce, then back to normal-type program. It is sustainable over years. We call it our Sales Operations Program. Now, we are offering the program to single facility operators.

We know the challenges and market conditions that operators face to overcome and maintain profitable occupancy. We have seen it all….

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Due to the costs of implementing such a program with single (dual) properties, we have found limited ways to deploy our extensive package of On-site and Online services economically at our fixed-fee structure. Now, we have successfully designed and tested a program with a shared-risk element. DEI delivers our Sales Operations program at a base-cost fee to cover partial costs, starting under $3500. Then we structure a fee arrangement based on the revenue generated by growth in occupancy over a period of months.

The proposition is simple. To those who qualify, (as single facility owners and operators) we are offering a limited number of Sales Operations programs *.

  • *Qualifications primarily address growth potential of the property though additional factors may be applicable. (DEI reserves the right to refuse offering the program for any reason).


The Results are Dramatic 

DO THE MATH. Calculate the annual marginal contribution for your facility based on an improvement of 10%-15% census or 10-15 more units/beds filled. The revenue resuls are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

DEI’s Sales Operation Program has shown over and over that applying a consistent, self-correcting sales process makes the single biggest difference in getting your occupancy to full and keeping it there.

We bring the the steps for you to apply and we work with you until the process is implemented, understood and achieving results. Our standard is to achieve 100% occupancy.




How do I know if DEI is credible and will the program work for me?

We know after 7 years of implementing this program with Senior Housing Providers, the biggest questions that pull Operators back from choosing us as their partner in developing occupancy.

Our best way to answer those questions is to offer an opportunity to talk candidly with clients we have worked with over the years. We can provide a list of existing customers for you to contact, as many are very willing to share their experience. Executives and owners from these Senior Housing Providers will answer your questions and provide feedback as to the results, effectiveness, sustainability, measurability and adoptability.

The customers come from a group providing Senior Housing Services across Skilled Nursing, TCU/Rehab, Assisted Living and Independent Living. A partial list includes the following:

  • Americare – St Louis, MO – SNF, AL
  • Midwest Health – Topeka, KS – SNF, AL
  • HCF – Dayton, OH- SNF
  • Kisco Senior Living – San Diego, CA- IL
  • Spectrum Senior Living – Denver, CO – AL
  • Bethesda Senior Living – AL
  • Stellar Senior Living – Salt Lake City- AL, IL
  • Responsive Group – Toronto, CAN
  • Welcov  – Minneapolis, MN – SNF, AL
  • Tealwood Care Center – Minneapolis, MN – SNF, AL
  • Waterman Villages – Florida – CCRC

You can review these organizations by accessing their websites and many belong to the national associations such as ALFA, NCAL and CALA.

Pat Cokington from Americare has presented extensively at programs including ALFA, NCAL and CALA. Download a Case Study presented at NCAL and published by Provider Magazine at:


DEI is presenting our core message of Sales Operations at 2014 ALFA Conference to Executive Director Leadership Institute (EDLI) – Presentation requested by Evrett Benton, current EDLI Faculty Director and former Chairman of ALFA

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