Online Training

Our Online Training Modules are designed to support an overall learning strategy for our enterprise clients. The modules are hosted on TalentLMS, a mobile-friendly platform that allows our clients to track the progress of their team members and download exercises to transfer ideas into action.

Foundation Concepts…of the sales process

Will help individuals understand the process of creating ‘visibility’ into the sales operations of their communities and establishing meaningful goals.

Overcoming Objections and Closing the Sale…getting to the next step

The focus of this module is challenging the sales and management team to understand their position they offer their clients, the ‘reasons” that your resident selects your community.

Selling to Residents (Prospects) and their Families

The focus is on opening and rapport building and then getting the information during discovery that is so important to creating a sales relationship with potential residents.

Conducting the Community Tour…selling the experience

Tours are not best conducted as ‘real estate’ demonstrations but rather as ‘an experience of living in community’, your community.

Answering the Community Telephone…turning inquiry calls into appointments

This module helps make the most of the interest already being generated for potential occupancy.  The training focuses on answer the telephone/email and using conversational techniques to get ‘face to face’ with the inquiring party.

Selling to Referral Sources and Community Influencers…to generate new leads and referrals

Most sales or outreach efforts to community or medical referral sources all too commonly ‘default’ to marketing.  While marketing has it place, primarily to find new referral sources to sell to, the critical job of most outreach representatives is to spend time ‘selling’ to referral sources.

How To Call On Physicians as Referral Sources

When expanding your referral base more deeply into the medical continuum, it will be helpful to understand the basics of how to get in front of the community physicians to foster this all-important referral source.

How to Maximize Lead Generation with Referral Sources

This module will give you creative ideas to create not just a ‘sales meeting’ but a strategy for a ‘territory plan’.

“Maximizing Internet Leads and Referrals”

This course is convenient and effective way to help you improve your communication and sales skills.  But more importantly, the training will immediately translate into an improvement in your closing ratios. CLICK PLAY FOR 2 MIN. OVERVIEW

Mining The Database for Leads (Gold)

Learn to mine the opportunity from that database of leads that has matured over time and offers real new-resident opportunity for the senior housing industry.