Mystery Shops

Do you qualify for a complimentary mystery shop?

If your organization owns or manages five or more communities you are eligible for a complimentary phone mystery shop. This complimentary shop is good for your first phone or web-based mystery shop.  One per organization please.  If you have any questions about our Mystery Shop Programs call 636.346.4412.  Thanks for your interest in DEI’s Mystery Shop Programs.

We offer three different mystery shops:

  1. On-site Community Shop
  2. Telephone Shop
  3. Web-based Shop

All Mystery Shops Include:

  • Customized Scoring Sheet: Quantitative (data) & Qualitative (narrative) reporting
  • Post-shop online training: Twelve online modules to support all areas of opportunity
  • Three attempts on different days and different times

About Our Shoppers

  • Shoppers have a 99.12% success rate
  • Professional shoppers: Shoppers have 8.5 years of experience

To learn more about our mystery shops call 636.346.4412 or complete the form below.