Our People

DEI Executive Team:

John Greaves, President



St. Louis, MO



Before DEI’s management training, Americare’s 80 assisted living communities had 1548 assisted living residents. Six months later, after a rollout of the training, Americare’s assisted living census rose to 1603, a net gain of 55 residents or approximately $1.32 million in net operating income. And in the next year census climbed by 120 in the same mature property metric, despite seeing occupancy decreases nationwide. Four years into the program we continue to see the same type of of census response.”

“The results speak for themselves.”

Pat Cokington, VP Sales & Marketing


Before our engagement with DEI, our census was up and down and we reacted to problems. Since contracting with DEI three years ago we have enjoyed consistent and very significant growth in our mature properties as well as much better fill rates at our new properties. This truly unique approach is part of our corporate DNA and as vital as any other operational piece of our business.”

Ann Olson VP of Sales

Spectrum Retirement Communities, LLC