Market View

We work with senior housing providers all over the country and some the most troubling issues we see them face relative to their occupancy are:

Identifying the problem:

When there are occupancy problems, trying to determine if the fundamental cause is the property itself, the market, or the lack of a competent ‘sales’ operations

When the property is stable and relatively high occupancy, there is an overall disappointment in the profitability the property throws off

Frustration when unable to shift facility operations from ‘occupancy’ to high profitability’ occupancy

Investment challenges:

Large investments in people, software, training and marketing are showing no sustainable return

Not clear when such investments should be showing a return

No clear investment priority.  Decisions are not made based on what will give the greatest return, but rather an ‘ad hoc’ approach is followed

 Sales and operations management problems start to sound like:

“What is the right closing ratio?”

“Not certain we are maximizing current traffic, either phone or Internet.  How will I know?”

“My ‘full’ buildings are not as profitable as they should be.”

“I have good sales people in some communities, but we’re struggling to fight the right folks in our lower-occupancy communities.”


And we frequently see the response to issues as  ……

Senior Housing providers are investing in their sales operations at record levels.  Such investments include:

Hiring sales and sales management staff

Selling skills training

Sales trainers

Contact management and relationship management software, CRM


The overwhelming evidence is that these investments show no sustainable results in a better occupancy picture a year after they are put into place.