Senior Housing Forum

April 22, 2014 || POSTED BY Don Fox || Industry News





Senior Housing Forum is a website that is focused on publishing articles that are of interest to developers and operators of senior living communities.

There are 6 fundamental principals behind Senior Housing Forum

  1. We are Not Primarily a News Source – There are already several great free and paid sites that provide current senior living news, we are more focused on asking two questions:
    • What does it mean?
    • How will it impact the industry?
  2. We Question  Everything –  The thing that gets industries and businesses into trouble more than anything else is assuming the way things worked before (something that may in itself be an assumption that is not true) will continue to work.   We ask hard questions and tackle difficult issues.
  3. We Love Comments – It is of course great fun to get comments that agree with what our writers say, but we love contrary positions even more.  It is those comments that make the industry better.
  4. We Don’t Moderate Comments –  If you write a comment it will get published (unless of course it is SPAM and we have a pretty good filter for that.) Since we published our first article we have not removed more than one or two comments and never removed a comment because the opinion was contrary.
  5. We Are Curious People –  All of the regular writers are very curious people who know they don’t know it all.  We are always learning and challenging our own assumptions.
  6. We are Not Perfect –  Because of this we welcome comments, suggestions and criticisms and corrections of typos.