The Benefits of DEI Sales Certification

January 15, 2014 || POSTED BY Don Fox || Industry News

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The Benefits of DEI Sales Certification  amysetnicka

Here are some of the benefits our clients have so kindly shared with us after having their sales reps and/or staff DEI Certified. 

Departments within your organization will have a stronger depiction of “what sales does”

An instrumental component of the DEI Certification process is video recording the presentation and posting it for other departments to view.  This allows all other departments to understand the objectives and needs of the sales team so they can better recognize how they can support the sales department.  “I really learned a lot from the video presentations, it was interesting to see from the sales perspective.”  -Cynthia.N. Operations Director


Gayin Confidence with your Clients 

The certification process is challenging because you will work through every possible scenario and create an articulate response to each scenario.  “When I walk into a meeting with one of my clients I think to myself ‘go ahead ask me anything, I am ready!’” -Jake.S. Sales Professional


Increased Job Satisfaction

“Honestly, when my manager told me I had to get DEI Certified I really did not want to do it but I actually enjoy my job more after being certified and I definitely feel more engaged in my work.”–Katie A. Senior Sales Professional


Less Turn Over

Investing in your employees leads to loyalty. Loyal employees yield cost savings over recruiting and training new hires, create loyal customers and they can be a significant asset to an organization.  As a result, loyal employees are more enthusiastic which enhances your customers’ loyalty and enthusiasm toward your organization.


Sets a Standar121024025522-77-best-jobs-outside-sales-representative-gallery-verticald of Excellence

An important objective of certification is the ability to provide a consistent, high quality experience for your customers, no matter which sales representative they meet. Occasionally, my reps have to transition accounts to one another so it is critical we have a consistent message in this situation or we could end up looking a little silly.  After DEI Certifying all of my reps, I know it added consistency to communications with our clients.”

Randy S. MLTC Sales Director


We are excited to announce three areas of certification: 

1. CERTIFICATION: Presenting to Referral Sources to Generate More Leads

2. CERTIFICATION: Presenting the Value Proposition to Prospective Residents

3. CERTIFICATION: Telephone Skills

To inquire about DEI Certification 636.346.4412 or

Phases of Certification”

·       Preparation: by completing the following modules and corresponding quizzes

    • Foundation Concepts of the Sales Process
    • Selling to Residents and their Families (Discovery)
    • Overcoming Objections and Closing the Sales
    • Managing Telephone Inquiries to Activate More Prospects
    • Conducting the Community Tour
    • Selling to Referral Sources to Generate Leads
    • DEI Certification
  • Practice:the presentation you create from Module “DEI Certification”
  • Presenting:via web with a DEI Certifier. Live Video Recording posted for management review
  • Assessment: in the following areas:

o   Value proposition

o   Points of Difference

o   Discovery Questions

o   Common Objections

o   Next Steps

  • Certification: Receive official DEI Certification Certificate.

To inquire about DEI Certification