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Three Certifications

1. CERTIFICATION: Presenting to Referral Sources to Generate More Referrals

2. CERTIFICATION: Presenting the Value Proposition to Prospective Residents

3. CERTIFICATION: Telephone Skills

Requirements of Certification:

Call Amy to Inquire: 636.346.4412


*Pre-requisite: 6 modules

    • Foundation Concepts of the Sales Process
    • Selling to Residents and their Families (Discovery)
    • Overcoming Objections and Closing the Sales
    • Managing Telephone Inquiries to Activate More Prospects
    • Conducting the Community Tour
    • Selling to Referral Sources to Generate Leads

Complete DEI Certification Module

    • Presenting to Referral Sources Certification Module
    • Presenting to Prospects Certification Module
    • Phone Certification Module

Presenting via web with a DEI Certifier. Live Video Recording posted for management review

Assessment A DEI Certifier will assess you in the following areas:

    • Value proposition
    • Points of Difference
    • Discovery Questions
    • Common Objections
    • Next Steps

Certification: Receive official DEI Certification Certificate.

bus 4What our DEI Certified Reps are saying…

 “Even though it was a lot of work it was worth it because of the confidence I gained so much confidence in front of my clients” Traci L.

 “Honestly, I really did not want to do it but I actually enjoyed my job more after because the certification process made me more engaged in my job.” Katie A.

 “It was so powerful that all of the departments within our organization had access to the reps recorded presentations and I really believe that this was the first time other departments understood exactly what we do in sales and what our message is to our clients, it was a breakthrough.” –Terri H. V.P. Sales

“After certification all my product knowledge was on the tip of my tongue, for example the Monday after I was certified, one of my doctors asked me what made my assisted living community different from the competition and I could rattle my 3 reasons right off without thinking…Only assisted living in town with an RN on duty 24/7, dialysis wing attached and a restaurant style food program.” Michael W.

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