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The Benefits of DEI Sales Certification

January 15, 2014 || POSTED BY Don Fox || Industry News

The Benefits of DEI Sales Certification  amysetnicka

Here are some of the benefits our clients have so kindly shared with us after having their sales reps and/or staff DEI Certified. 
Departments within your organization will have a stronger depiction of “what sales does”
An instrumental component of the DEI Certification process is video recording the presentation and…


January 13, 2014 || POSTED BY Don Fox || Industry News

Three Certifications
1. CERTIFICATION: Presenting to Referral Sources to Generate More Referrals

2. CERTIFICATION: Presenting the Value Proposition to Prospective Residents

3. CERTIFICATION: Telephone Skills

Requirements of Certification:

Call Amy to Inquire: 636.346.4412
*Pre-requisite: 6 modules

Foundation Concepts of the Sales Process
Selling to Residents and their Families (Discovery)
Overcoming Objections and Closing the Sales
Managing Telephone Inquiries to Activate More Prospects
Conducting the Community…