10 Ways DEI differs from Traditional Sales Training…

June 10, 2013 || POSTED BY Don Fox || Industry News

How is DEI different from Traditional Sales Training:

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1. DEI: Sales defined in terms of date-driven next steps, accountability, effectiveness and results. vs. TRADTIONAL: Sales defined in terms of events, strategies, effort, and time spent.

2. DEI: Implementation of a better sales process via sales management into the daily business routine of each sales staff and sales manager. vs. TRADITIONAL: Concepts delivered at seminars, workshops, keynote addresses that are difficult to execute consistently in daily operations.

3. DEI: Accurately defines prospects by where they are in the sales process allowing for accurate ‘closed deal’  forecasting. vs. TRADITIONAL: Buzz words like “hot, warm, cold” leads and ‘gut’ feel
that can’t be translated into predictable sales results.

4. DEI: A simple, easy to produce sales report that you’ll rely on as much as your monthly P&L. vs. TRADITIONAL: Data and reports that tell you nothing about the health of your sales effort.

5. DEI: Hands-on implementation by DEI through coaching sessions with the sales managers and feedback reports. vs. TRADITIONAL: Hand-outs and resource manuals.

6. DEI: Coaching better performance from your sales force by asking them the right questions and driving them to find the answers. vs. TRADITIONAL: Micromanaging you sales force by telling them what to do.

7. DEI: Training that empowers managers to anticipate sales problems, direct the correct resources to correct, and achieve sustainable results. vs. TRADITIONAL: Results dependent on continued consultant involvement.

8. DEI: Teaches your sales force how to make an effective sales call that results in a real and meaningful ‘next steps’. vs. TRADITIONAL: Marketing gimmicks, giveaways and PR designed to focus on the seller and product awareness.

9. DEI: Selling skills training that is targeted toward specific skill deficits or market need. vs. TRADITIONAL: Selling skills training that is one-size fits all.

10. DEI: More time spent selling and less time talking about selling. vs. TRADITIONAL: Cumbersome reports, exhausting conference calls and mounds of data for operations to digest week to week.

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