DEI Sales-Central is a sales training and consulting firm with a unique approach that focuses on long-term occupancy growth.  We deliver our training to the senior living industry through the following:

Our approach is unique in that it is; 1) Easily customized to meet your businesses’ needs and scale and 2) An approach designed to deliver long term results.  While results will be seen immediately, our process is more comprehensive and fosters a cultural approach to sales management that has proven to deliver sustainable growth.bus


9DEI brings an approach to the senior living industry that transforms your sales operations into a strategy that you can rely on to create more sales.  Regardless of market dynamics, your sales team will function to improve your market share.


processFor the cost of typical one-two month’s senior housing rent you can have a professional sales operations that gives you an unprecedented ROI year after year.

1plus Turbo charge your sales operations with world-class management training that guarantees the long term success in the senior living industry.

1dataData management application that creates accurate forecasts that you will rely on like you rely on your P&L to manage consistent success.

1pinTargeted selling skills training that is focused as an intervention when there is evidence that a skill is missing.

Today's most successful senior living organizations are already taking advantage of the DEI system by embracing this self-correcting management approach. Now it's your turn.



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