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Rate. has some characters who would get on the viewers' nerves but at the end of the day, they manage to redeem themselves because they have good intentions. 9 Jul. by Ashley July 20, 2019. written by Ashley July 20, 2019. Après go go squid (pas du même genre) , c'est le deuxième C drama que j'ai vraiment vraiment beaucoup aimé ! Go Go Squid! I am obsessed with Asian dramas and movies, plus with Viki you also get reality and variety shows from Korea, China, & Taiwan. It was an adaptation of Mo Bao Fei Bao's novel "Honey Stewed Squid." At 19, Tong Nian (Yang Zi) has the whole world at her feet. Bien qu'elle ait 19 ans, c'est aussi un génie dans la programmation informatique. Appledog (Li Yitong) who is his idol and a goddess in the gaming industry. Li Xian. investigated for showing map without Taiwan and Hainan Ministry of Natural Resources says it will look into broadcast of ‘problematic’ map seen in … Filming wrapped after three months on August 29, 2020. I still want to see Han Shang Yan and Tong Nian’s wedding scene, so I’ll watch it nonetheless! In the meantime, this post will serve as a placeholder for the good things to come. Wu Bai asks why Shang Yan is playing with a child. I believe so, but the main focus of season 2 is DT and Appledog’s romance, I’m really excited for season 2 I hope we can watch it on Netflix. I love all the cast I will miss demo. But they are practically brothers. Kids 1 and 2: Okay. Main Role. Support Role. Season 1. If you haven’t watched Go Go Squid season 1, go check it now. Why what happened to demo, how do we know he won’t be on?!!! Episodes. Wu Bai (Hu Yitian) is an outstanding gamer who dominates every competition. It’s said that they will have cameo appearance. Free . 2019 Episode #1.1. Free (sub) Croton MEGA HIT. 8.6 (11) 0. sub … Go Go Squid: Episode 16 Recap. Drama itu bukanlah Go Go Squid season 2 melainkan spin-off dari drama yang populer. Yang Zi (杨紫) and Li Xian (李现) star in the current hit C-Drama, “Go Go Squid!” (亲爱的, 热爱的 also known as 蜜汁炖鱿鱼) The film crew really knows how to promote the series as they released a recent BTS video of Yang Zi and Li Xian filming kiss scenes. Because of the timeline differences between the original novel for Wu Bai’s romance and where Go Go Squid season 1 ended…. Hu Yitian reprises his role as Wu Bai / DT. Reply. 6 months ago. ', '#bb28e0', 'U7U1UTR5');kofiwidget2.draw(); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Unraveling Chinese Dramas & Chinese Culture. Shang Yan sends him a cake. Hu Yi Tian. Air Date: 2019-07-10 Duration: 50 min. He’s happy Shang Yan is gaming. Links to … Ou Qiang’s guest is none other than Wang Hao aka Solo, SP’s China leader. Genre: Comedy, Drama China, Full Episode, Romance, Romantic Comedy. Choose an episode below and start watching Go Go Squid! 1. Ep 2 Eng Sub (2019) Chinese Drama. Keywords:Go Go Squid! If you forgot who Wu Bai is, he’s the younger cousin of Han Shang Yan. This girl looks younger and personally, I’d like to see an older woman-younger guy relationship. Mainland drama Go Go Squid <親愛的, 熱愛的> was one of the hottest dramas of 2019, and it immensely boosted the popularity of both leads Li Xian (李現) and Andy Yang (楊紫). Support Role. Solo tells Xiao Mi he needs to improve or else will get benched. Seasons. Are they going to focus on Wu Bai’s romance? There have been rumors that Han Shangyan and Tong Nian’s wedding will be in Season 2, as far as how much they show up? He has always had a crush on Ai Qing a.k.a. Go Go Squid: Episode 3 Recap . Most Asian shows, or Dramas that you can’t see anywhere else (EVEN NEW RELEASES) are on VIKI app. Cast: Li Xian as Han Shang Yan/Gun; Yang Zi as Tong Nian; Lee Hong Chi as Mi Zhao Fei; Hu Yi Tian as Wu Bai; Wen Yi Fan as Grunt; Yu Cheng En as Demo; Li Zi Feng as Wang … sub indo Go Go Squid! We’ll stay healthy all during this Covid period. It’s adorable, funny and very heartwarming (although somewhat cringey at times). Solo is also here to recruit Shao Fei (aka Xiao Mi), telling him that Ai Qing (aka Appledragon) already joined them half a year ago. The expected air time of Go Go Squid season 2 is sometime during 2021. 40Episode 40 SUBBED HD RAW. me too, I can’t wait for the season 2, i miss Han Shangyan, Tong Nian, Demo, 97, Yaya, Mi Shaofei, Grunt, and One because i like them very much, i miss them… Please add GO GO SQUID SEASON 2 at Netflix… i hope this drama there will be at malaysian… I’m fan this drama from malaysia, me too,i can’t wait for the season 2 huhu i miss Han Shang Yan & Tong Nian, I’m so excited I can’t wait for this…, I hope Tong Nian, Han shangyan, Demo, 97, Yaya and mi shaofei is still there because I love them and I like them a lot, soooo much,,,, I miss them,, I can’t stop crying,,, still I miss them, I would love to see the whole team back again but like others have said, Demo may not appear. You could also show support by white-listing this website and clicking on the ads once a day! **Update Nov 2020, more rumors are flying around that this “second” season should be considered more of a spinoff than an actual second season. Yang Zi. Are you ready for the final moments? Wu Bai / White / DT. The reason is that they didn’t showed ASIAN CHAMPIONSHIP and I wanted that Wu Bai be together with Appledog, which I expected in season 2. Go Go Squid! Go Go Squid TV Drama. Season 1. However, there were two kiss scenes where one of them were not in the know, surprising the other person. Main Role. Season: OR . Subscription (sub) WeTV. 41 Episodes. Hu Yitian as Wu Bai: Li Yitong as Ai Qing: Stills. Release: 2019. He was checking his emails. TMDb: 10. I didn’t see his actor name show up on the cast list… , awww imma cry now im gonna miss demo . With both of them determined to win, Wu Bai catches Ai Qing's attention and by the same token, he comes to respect and admire her talents. Free (sub) Viki. GASP. Go Go Squid! Une nuit, alors qu'il entre dans un cybercafé, Han Shang Yan attire l'attention de Tong Nian qui tombe amoureuse de lui au premier regard. Free (sub) Cast & Credits. Han Shangyan asked Tong Nian to ask for an ID number, and quickly helped her book a flight ticket and hotel. With lots of love ❤️, Can’t wait for season 2,loved the season 1so much. 39Episode 39 SUBBED HD HD RAW. A NetEase artist! In fact, it was to let Tong Nian stay with him and believe in himself. Too eager and waiting. Where to Watch Go Go Squid! Go Go Squid! Air Date: 2019-07-10 Duration: 45 min. Go Go Squid! Except for one particular character (we'll leave it to you to find out why everyone was annoyed when she appeared), Go Go Squid! Reply. Han and Tong Nian register their marriage after getting consent from her parents. Would love your thoughts, please comment. There were concerns on storyline changes when the synopsis seem to indicate that the theme has been changed from gaming to a robot competition though it is not clear what will be filmed. Tong Nian is a genius 19-year-old student with high IQ and low EQ, who is also a famous anime cosplay person and sings well. (Chinese: 亲爱的,热爱的; pinyin: Qin Ai De, Re Ai De) is a Chinese e-sport romance comedy television series directed by Li Qingrong and Xiang Xujing.The series was first aired in 2019, starring Yang Zi and Li Xian. The expected air time of Go Go Squid season 2 … Based on the novel “Stewed Squid with Honey” by Mo Bao Fei Bao, “Go Go Squid!” is a Viki Original 2019 romantic comedy-drama directed by Xiang Xu Jing. Year: 2019. Li Yitong replaces Wang Zhen'er who played Ai Qing / Appledog in Go Go Squid!. I’m curious whether Han Shangayan and Tong Nian will be there or it will only be wu bai and appleedog? Episode 2. Definitely don’t abandon Go Go Squid! Go go squid! Go Go Squid! est une adaptation du best-seller éponyme de l'auteur Mo Bao Fei Bao. We would love to see more of Tong Nian and Han Shanghai in season 2 of go go squid and not only in cameo roles… their chemistry is amazing… Go go Squid without them in major roles wouldn’t be a show worth watching…. C'est les deux seul pour l'instant... j'espère découvrir quelque autre pépite chinoises ... mais j'avoue qu'à mes goût... elles sont rare ! S1, Ep1. Season 1 Episode 3 Episode 3. Go Go Squid! But they are practically brothers. Catching the attention of viewers with his performance in Go Go Squid!, Li Xian’s name has been hotly searched online. , I’m curiouslywaiting to saw the go go squidseason 2, Iam very very very excited to see go go squid season 2.But i love appledog in season1.its fine because season 2 appledog is also cute. Add Image. He landed main roles in the dramas Unrequited Love, Handsome Siblings, My Roommate is a Detective and Youth Should Be Early. hope they end up be together forever….good luck . Informasi ini bisa ditemukan pada situs MyDramaList. Go Go Squid! Selain judul drama itu, beberapa foto yang diduga sebagai poster drama itu bisa ditemukan di internet. Or by checking out this Drama Merch Store. Its going to be release on next year 2021. 2. Xiao Mi celebrates his birthday. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'chinesedrama_info-medrectangle-3','ezslot_0',106,'0','0']));A story about how two leaders from competing teams at the national robot competition aim for victory while their affections and admiration for each other grow each day. However I recently found and downloaded the Viki App, it’s a life saver for anyone who LOVES Asian movies and dramas!!! Following the success of A Love So Beautiful and Go Go Squid, he plans to continue the Cdrama winning streak with even more hitmakers in the near future. If you forgot who Wu Bai is, he’s the younger cousin of Han Shang Yan. Cast . before episode 4! Add Cast. Tong Nian / Her Highness Squid. Cant wait for season 2! Hit Chinese TV show Go Go Squid! TV Status: 41 Episode. Go Go Squid poster. Go Go Squid TV Drama. Episode 1 Episode 2 ... “Go Go Squid!” adalah drama komedi romantis Viki Original 2019 yang disutradarai oleh Xiang Xu Jing. Li Ze Feng. Kid 2: Holy cow! almost has no unlikeable characters. Thanks for the comment! Ending (Spoilers Alert!) Watch Go Go Squid! Let’s search for it. This Is Street Dance Season 2; Youth Periplous; Great Escape; Music; News; About; Home TV Drama Go Go Squid Go Go Squid: Episode 16 Recap. … Go Go Squid Episode 41 Recap Highlights: Mi Shao Fei chats about Yaya to his grandma; Han Shang Yan formally asks for Tong Nian’s hand in front of her parents; Grandpa Han gets the surprise of his life; Yaya and Mi Shao Fei are super cute together too! Watch online, read reviews and community feedback, the top 5 reasons to watch the series, watch trailer. (TV Series 2019– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. But good things come to those who wait. Are they changing Appledog actress??? hope to see the continuation of Han Shanghan and Niannian’s love story – their married life . 3. 41Episode 41 SUBBED HD HD RAW. Episodes. Blessed with charming single-eye lids, thick eyebrows and sharp nose bridge, his masculine good looks are a good fit for the male character Han Shangyan. by Ashley July 26, 2019. written by Ashley July 26, 2019. Initially denying their feelings due to their respective positions, they gradually learn to strive towards the same goal. Go Go Squid! Rate. Rate. Mi Shao Fei / Little Mi . Air Date: 2019-07-11 Duration: 50 min. Han Shang Yan / Gun God / Boss / Gun. Go Go Squid! Yes, the news had released that there will be Go Go Squid Season 2 spin off, which its going to be about Appledog and DT. 38Episode 38 SUBBED HD HD RAW. Season 1 Episode 1 Episode 1. Season 41 Season 40 Season 39 Season 38 Season 37 Season 36 Season 35 Season 34 Season 33 Season 32 Season 31 Season 30 Season 29 Season 28 Season 27 Season 26 Season 25 Season 24 Season 23 Season 22 Season 21 Season 20 Season 19 Season 18 Season 17 Season 16 Season 15 Season 14 Season 13 Season 12 Season 11 Season 10 Season 9 Season 8 Season 7 Season 6 Season 5 Season … Unfortunately I couldn’t get Go Go Sqiud on Netflix or any other streaming app. Genre: Romance, Games, Youth, School, Love at First Sight; Release Date: 9 July 2019; Original: China; adapted from a novel by Mo Bao Fei Bao called Stewed Squid With Honey; Cdrama: 41 Episodes . Which is so far awayyyyy. Kid 1: Boss, are you searching for it, too? is available in High Definition only through DramaHub.org. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); There were already leaked photos of Hu Yitian and Li Yitong filming even before the drama was announced. There were concerns on storyline changes when the synopsis seem to indicate that the theme has been changed from gaming to a robot competition though it is not clear what will be filmed. Actors: Hu Yi Tian, Li Ming De, Li Xian, Yang Zi. Paling tidak ada dua akun yang mengunggah poster-poster itu. Filming wrapped after three months on August 29, 2020. Nian: You guys can go to NetEase Music and search “Little Squid.” That’s my name. Season 1 Episode 4 Episode 4 . Season 1 … Hu is anticipating the premieres of four shows in the coming year! Air Date: 2019-07-09 Duration: 50 min. Tong Nian est une jeune chanteuse en ligne, connue pour sa belle voix et ses cosplays. This Is Street Dance Season 2; Youth Periplous; Great Escape; Music; News; About; Home TV Drama Go Go Squid Go Go Squid: Episode 3 Recap. As Wu Bai enters the national robot competition, he comes face to face with Ai Qing from the opposing team. Everything about the TV-series Go Go Squid (Go Go Squid). Sekarang muncul rumor jika drama sekuel itu berjudul My Dear Fish. Lee Hong Chi. Kid 2 is amazed at the internet search. Upon seeing him, Shang Yan leaves. Shangyan just gives him the death stare and shows him his iphone. Thank you! Apple TV. Rate ... and asked Tong Nian to go to Sanya for a weekend together. Go Go Squid! Li Yitong replaces Wang Zhen'er who played Ai Qing / Appledog in Go Go Squid!. Would love to see more of Han Shanhan and Tong Nian love story…their married life…, Even I’m eagerly waiting to see Han shanhan and nian married life… they are so cute, lovely couples…I wish that season 2 should release as soon as possible. Tong Nian and Shang Yan game all night. Is there still yang zi and li xian on season 2? ChineseDrama.info Season 1 Episode 2 Episode 2. First Air Date: 2019-07-09. Country: China. I love LI XIAN(Han Shangyan) and Yang Zi(Tong Nian) …perfect combination…. Go Go Squid! Go Go Squid! © - Season 2. Views: 4848. I just finished season 1 on Viki! Go Go Squid! in Subbed & Dubbed HD now. Anyone else eager to see this second season? With a generally lighthearted storyline, a happy ending is to be expected for Go Go Squid! Check out this Go Go Squid Episode 41 recap! kofiwidget2.init('Buy us Boba! Netflix. Mae says: April 10, 2020 at 2:11 am. Rumors has it that Go Go Squid season 2 will be coming out next year! Halo MissLova, kali ini Miss kembali dengan video tentang detail informasi dari drama Go Go Squid yang akan dibuat Season 2.

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