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Can You Prove Your Sales Process is Working?

Published on Wed, 01/07/2015 – 10:52pm -Senior Housing Forum

As a marketing consultant, one thing I did for my clients was purchase advertising space. So I had newspapers, magazines, directories, radio channels, TV stations and pay-per-click representatives contacting me daily, trying to convince me to advertise with them.


Published on Thu, 11/27/2014  Senior Housing Forum

PROVIDERS THAT ARE WINNING THE WEB REFERRAL GAME  . . . are seeing up to 35% of their move-ins come from the Web.

It’s well documented that more and more consumers are using the Internet as a primary research vehicle for senior housing and home services. The profile of the…

Don’t Wait – Senior Care Internet Leads

November 20, 2014 || POSTED BY admin || Industry News

Web Leads — Today is the Day!

Published on Thu, 2014-11-13 22:49 Senior Housing Forum

One very important characteristic that providers who are capturing more and more opportunity with Internet leads is that they are proactive. But what exactly does that mean?

Let’s be very specific.

If you are a provider who, when you receive a web lead or Internet…

creating a good quality college level essay

November 18, 2014 || POSTED BY admin || Industry News

It’s amongst the most very important knowledge important and vital at a college level essay a chance to generate a very good essay. From biology to politics scientific research, documents are employed in nearly every arena of examine to show groundwork and concepts. A university-tier essay delivers complicated . resource in an not hard-to-conform with…

Senior Housing Forum

April 22, 2014 || POSTED BY admin || Industry News




Senior Housing Forum is a website that is focused on publishing articles that are of interest to developers and operators of senior living communities.

There are 6 fundamental principals behind Senior Housing Forum

We are Not Primarily a News Source – There are already several great free and paid sites that provide current senior living news, we are more…

Common Language Throughout the Sales Team

by Gwenn Woomer, DEI Coach
Our role, when working with providers, is to implement a census management program that will reliably deliver better census outcomes for years into the future. One of the first things we teach management and their sales team is the importance of common language within the sales process. We know that…

Developing Sales Performace

April 16, 2014 || POSTED BY admin || Industry News

Developing Sales Performance jayreischl

Can we compare the Best to the Rest… and use it to make a difference?
How do we develop, measure and manage in order to create an effective sales organization?  Sales development is not a problem that has cropped up recently. It’s been the subject of books and articles for generations. Though, somehow, it…

The Benefits of DEI Sales Certification

January 15, 2014 || POSTED BY admin || Industry News

The Benefits of DEI Sales Certification  amysetnicka

Here are some of the benefits our clients have so kindly shared with us after having their sales reps and/or staff DEI Certified. 
Departments within your organization will have a stronger depiction of “what sales does”
An instrumental component of the DEI Certification process is video recording the presentation and…


January 13, 2014 || POSTED BY admin || Industry News

Three Certifications
1. CERTIFICATION: Presenting to Referral Sources to Generate More Referrals

2. CERTIFICATION: Presenting the Value Proposition to Prospective Residents

3. CERTIFICATION: Telephone Skills

Requirements of Certification:

Call Amy to Inquire: 636.346.4412
*Pre-requisite: 6 modules

Foundation Concepts of the Sales Process
Selling to Residents and their Families (Discovery)
Overcoming Objections and Closing the Sales
Managing Telephone Inquiries to Activate More Prospects
Conducting the Community…

How is DEI different from Traditional Sales Training:






1. DEI: Sales defined in terms of date-driven next steps, accountability, effectiveness and results. vs. TRADTIONAL: Sales defined in terms of events, strategies, effort, and time spent.

2. DEI: Implementation of a better sales process via sales management into the daily business routine of each sales staff and sales manager. vs. TRADITIONAL:…